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Museums in Athlone.

An Dun Museum.

This museum probably houses the largest collection of transportation vehicles in private hands. There is also an extensive collection of farm, industrial, equipment of all types.

An Dun Museum
Co Westmeath
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There is a reconstructed garage, blacksmiths shop, bar and a dairy complete with a cow, and for the railway enthusiast a model railway.

Coffee and souvenir shops as well as Tourist information available at the museum.



Athlone Castle and Museum.

The castle now houses Athlone Museum and holds an interesting collection of items relating to the history and prehistory of the Athlone area.

Athlone Castle and Museum
Co Westmeath
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There are early Christian grave slabs, cannonballs from the 1691 siege, a penal cross dated 1792, various domestic and agricultural implements, and the recorded voice of the tenor John McCormack.



Museums in Mullingar.

Mullingar Military Museum.

Mullingar Military Museum
Town Centre
Co Westmeath
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This museum houses an interesting collection of military artifacts, including cannonballs from the storming of Birr Castle by Patrick Sarsfield in 1790, there are bayonets and pike heads from the 1798 rebellion as well as a collection of eighteenth century swords. World war I rifles and pistols. Also artifacts made in Ballykinlon Internment Camp by IRA prisoners in 1921, and a large collection of posters and clippings relating to the 1919- 21 war of Independence.