Ecclesiastical Sites in Co Wicklow.


(Glen of the two lakes.)
ituated high in the Wicklow Mountains lie the monastic retreat of St. Kevin, Glendalough, the name means the valley of the two lakes. Glendalough was a place of religious pilgrimage long before St. Kevin established it as a monastic centre in the 6th century. From the 9th century the Vikings began raiding the area and the monastery began to decline in importance.

Remains at Glendalough include a round tower, gateway, and ancient churches.

The visitor centre offers information of all kinds relating to the site, there is an audio visual show and a model of the monestary, a twelth century high cross and some early Christian grave slabs.

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Baltinglass Abbey.

(Green pass ?)

Baltinglass abbey was founded by Dermot MacMurrough king of Leinster in 1148, it was the second Cistercian daughter house of Mellifont. It was built in the traditional style between 1148 and 1180.

In 1228 it is recorded that there were thirty six monks and fifty lay brothers living there

After Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries the choir was used for Protestant services, the church was abandoned and fell into ruin after 1883.

Particurly noteworthy features of the remains are the low round arches that seperated the choir from the long gone transcepts, and the alternate square and round piers of the roofless nave, some of the pier capitals are carved.

None of the claustral buildings have survived.

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Directions to Baltinglass Abbey.:

Located on the East bank of the River Slaney on the North side of Baltinglass town.